Diana Zamudio Wright

Beatriz Ochoa & andy Cerda

“What a great experience from beginning to end. Mylo's knowledge of flowers and her ability to know what will make the most beautiful arrangements is only part of what made working with her so great! Her staff was friendly and just as talented!

My wedding was a destination wedding and they handled everything like the true professionals they are. I am so gratefully for Mylo and her team they made my wedding look and feel extra chic and bohemian. Thank you very much for making our day so extra special!!!!!!”

Jessica & Miguel Guerrero Noriega

“Mylo is an artist, a visionary. Having her coordinate my wedding was the best thing I could have done and I’ll tell you exactly why: she was initially recommended to me because “she does floral” au contraire, she literally does magic. I came to her with a flood of ideas, and she pieced everything together, keeping a set budget in mind and working with me to provide different options to stay on budget. She is caring, considerate and efficient to all requests and needs - all while maintaining the professionalism that is wanted and expected. ”

Hannah Reichle

“Mylo went above and beyond the call of duty for a florist and I cannot recommend her enough. There were so many little things she did for me that I feel like set her apart from other florists and I can’t list them all. I think anyone that has her as their florist can really count on having some amazing floral art and pieces at their wedding. Mylo and her work are incredible and choosing her as my florist was the best decision I made for my wedding.”

Emily Todd

“Working with Myriam is always a pleasure! She is professional and creative, and she takes the ideas that I have and turns them into something even better! Her eye for design is top notch, and I cannot recommend her enough. 12/10 recommend. ☺️”

Jessica Bolton & Miguel Moreno

“Mylo is very warm, articulate, and knows her stuff! We felt a sense of comfort and relief from the first meeting with her. What sets her apart is the fact that she doesn’t just ask you what flowers you think are pretty or just randomly name off blooms without any explanation. She likes to get to know you as a couple and find out what kind of mood you are trying to create. She created beautiful, unique floral installations for us and really turned our dream of floral clouds and raining flowers into a reality. She is truly a class act and the best in the business!”

client love

A Glimpse Into The Mylofleur Experience