Hello Lovelies! We know, it has been quite some time since we last reached out, but your patience has paid off ⸺ we have some incredible new developments to share with all of you! As you may know, here at Mylofleur we take biophilic design to new heights, testing the limits of convention and design, […]

Biophilic Design

December 14, 2023

Preston Bailey & Mylofleur

Preston Bailey & Mylofleur photo 4

Hello Amigas,  Our first ever floral fashion show. We had the pleasure of working with DecNDeets on the Desert Disco Workshop + Networking event of the summer! Inspired by Land | Art | Uctu | Ral  “During this pandemic, public spaces have played a vital role in the health and sustainability of urban communities around […]

Biophilic Design, Event Production

September 21, 2022

Desert Disco

Hi everyone! When you think about wedding flowers, what do you think of? Creams, blushes, elegance, lushness… but have you ever pictured something like this?  Mylofleur Floral Design Studio can make any of your wildest, craziest, most out-of-the-box ideas come to life. Introducing the starry night “un-wedding.” We had the pleasure to work alongside Tara […]

Biophilic Design

July 23, 2022

The “Anti-Wedding” at Area Fifteen

Hi everyone! MEET ISABELLA When floral art manifests into a beautiful being of her own, Isabella is born. This gorgeous dress, modeled by Erica Bonilla, is composed of hundreds of silk flowers sewn together into perfect harmony. We loved to create her and watch her dance while Ashlyn Savannah caught her most amazing angles.  She […]

Biophilic Design

June 8, 2022

flowers in woman form

Hi everyone! Let’s do a recap on the beautiful things we’ve done in the month of January! Getting back into after the holidays + New Years, we went straight in with an amazing style shoot for our Galentine’s Workshop, Valentine’s arrangements and logo branding. With amazing makeup by Soy Ella, we were able to cultivate […]

Biophilic Design

February 1, 2022

January’s Masterpieces

Hi everyone! Now I know what you’re thinking if you follow us on Instagram (@mylofleurflorallv if you don’t know) – where are the destination wedding photos from Cancun?!?! I think that event deserves its own blog post, it’s one of our favorite projects we’ve done. Some background info, MyloFleur is international. If you need floral […]

Biophilic Design

January 20, 2022

All About Destination Weddings

The human body is an art form – better yet a masterpiece.  I wanted to created this editorial idea with another concept of color and minimalist editorial capture. The main concept derives from my overall design motto – Quality biophilic design, as seen in fashion, painting, sculpture, dance, and all forms of artistic expression, draws […]

Biophilic Design

December 17, 2021

Feminine Editorial Shots

How does Architecture, Landscape, and Floral all become one? Well, there is no need to even think they are separate yet they are all connected. They both required the same method to create yet they are manifested in different ways – volume, texture, lifespan, color, etc.  The reason I wanted to even achieve my Masters […]

Biophilic Design

December 17, 2021

What is Biophilicture?

 “Less is more “ –the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used to express the view that a minimalist approach to artistic or aesthetic matters is more effective. How do we apply this in floral design? When combining a soul with floral- this theory makes sense as we make floral be the statement not the […]

Biophilic Design

December 17, 2021

Modern Minimalist Inspired Vogue Styleshoot