Twice a year, Vintage Market Days gathers a wide variety of vendors from around Las Vegas to share their work in an outdoor market.  From handmade decor to large scale vintage furniture, shoppers excitedly move from stall to stall. However, amidst the excited merchants, live music, and savory aromas from food trucks, one stall stands […]

Event Production

April 21, 2024


Hello Again Lovelies! MyloFleur has once again had the immense pleasure of adorning our lovely clients with our exquisite creations. Dima and Alex shared such a beautiful wedding day together, surrounded by family, friends, and some of the most romantic floral arrangements MyloFleur has created to date. We were thrilled to make their Las Vegas […]


November 28, 2023

Unveiling Uniqueness: MyloFleur’s Flourishing Floral Fantasia

Happy wedding with MyloFleur in Las Vegas!

MyloFleur and Land to Land are putting on an event you don’t want to miss! Our annual Fall Workshop is an incredible opportunity to learn something new, meet new people, and help a wonderful cause! RSVP During this event, you will learn how to create a floral arrangement from the extremely talented and world-renowned floral […]

Event Production

October 5, 2023

Fall Workshop

MyloFleur Workshop

Welcome Back Darlings! Our team here at MyloFleur has had multiple opportunities to work hand in hand with numerous respectable companies to produce awe-inspiring spectacles, and we’d like to share one of the most requested designs from Pinterest: MOBO (modern bohemian). The beautiful wedding between (now) Mr. & Mrs. Teyro was a perfect example of […]


September 28, 2023

A Desirable Wedding (featuring Desirable Events by Desi)

Happy wedding with MyloFleur in Las Vegas!

Hey Sweeties! We’re back at it again with another beautiful tale to tell you all about. Have you ever heard of the story about the flower girl and the orange man? No? Well, that’s because there never was one, until now that is. Here at MyloFleur, we had the opportunity to be part of a […]

Event Production, Interior Decor

September 12, 2023

WIPA Q2 June 6, 2023

Hey there Cuties! It looks like, here at MyloFleur, we have done it again and helped a beautiful couple’s budding dream bloom into reality. Tuffeting elegance has once again come from our fingertips and grew beyond expectation in this truly fantastical wedding. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if any vision might be too grand for our […]


July 28, 2023

Denise & Sheena – new event and our floral design in Las Vegas

Sheena+Denise Event

Hello Amigas,  Our first ever floral fashion show. We had the pleasure of working with DecNDeets on the Desert Disco Workshop + Networking event of the summer! Inspired by Land | Art | Uctu | Ral  “During this pandemic, public spaces have played a vital role in the health and sustainability of urban communities around […]

Biophilic Design, Event Production

September 21, 2022

Desert Disco

Hi everyone! We are so excited to share our experience with Imprint Events Group in designing one of our largest projects yet! We had the honor of creating a beautiful spatial installation on the terrace of Omnia Nightclub inside of Caesar’s Palace for a Grammys After party. Wow. After weeks of planning, site visits, emails, […]

Event Production

April 14, 2022

Grammy’s After Party

Hi everyone! Last month we hosted an amazing floral workshop at the Grey Pearl Bridal shop that brought together floral, food, drinks, and beauty! The concept was to bring our wonderful event planning friends together for a Galentine’s Day celebration of flowers and treats. Events like these are amazing for networking and getting to know […]

Event Production

March 17, 2022

Galentine’s Workshop

Hi everyone! It’s Madison again! For my first blog post on Mylo’s new website (well, technically second), I would like to do a recap on some behind the scenes I took during the creative process of all projects we did in the second half of last year. I’d like to call these types of collections […]

Event Production

January 12, 2022

BTS of Twenty-Twenty-One