Welcome Back Darlings! Our team here at MyloFleur has had multiple opportunities to work hand in hand with numerous respectable companies to produce awe-inspiring spectacles, and we’d like to share one of the most requested designs from Pinterest: MOBO (modern bohemian). The beautiful wedding between (now) Mr. & Mrs. Teyro was a perfect example of […]


September 28, 2023

A Desirable Wedding (featuring Desirable Events by Desi)

Happy wedding with MyloFleur in Las Vegas!

Hey there Cuties! It looks like, here at MyloFleur, we have done it again and helped a beautiful couple’s budding dream bloom into reality. Tuffeting elegance has once again come from our fingertips and grew beyond expectation in this truly fantastical wedding. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if any vision might be too grand for our […]


July 28, 2023

Denise & Sheena – new event and our floral design in Las Vegas

Sheena+Denise Event